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Euclove Hand Wash 500ml Lavender And Rose Geraniu

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This premium all-natural Hand Wash range is made with love from Coconut and Neem Oil soaps and infused with premium pure essential oils that are good for your skin.

In your search to buy natural hand wash with essential oils, you can find the right Hand Wash with us that is not only good for your skin but also smells amazing and leaves your skin healthy and moisturised.

Neem oil has naturally occurring Vitamin E which nourishes skin and leaves your hands feeling soft and nourished without having to use any creams after.


  •  Leaves skin clean and nourished with Lavender & Rose Geranium essential oils
  •  Suitable for sensitive skin – Neem oil is nourishing and gentle on your skin
  •  Coconut & Neem oil soap to clean and disinfect
  •  100% natural ingredients
  •  Plant based, certified Vegan and Cruelty Free
  •  Made in Australia
  •  Free from synthetic chemicals
  •  Grey water and septic safe

Our hand wash is free from harsh chemicals commonly found in the usual hand wash products like SLS, Parabens, bleach etc.

Neem, a native Indian tree also known as The Miracle Tree has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It is known for its naturally occurring Vitamin E, fantastic moisturising and skin care properties.


Ingredient transparency is one of our core values and consider them to be the Heroes of the products we make. We love showing customers exactly what goes into the products they use every day.

Below are all the ingredients in this product, their purpose and where they come from. We source all our ingredients from where they’re natively grown.

Ingredient Purpose & Properties Source
Coconut & Neem Oil Soap We make our Coconut Soap the old-fashioned way using a traditional saponification process. Neem oil in the soap is great for sensitive skin and is very gentle Coconut oil from Malaysia

Neem oil from India

Lye from South Korea

Lavender Oil Lavender oil has great skin toning properties France
Rose Geranium Oil Rose geranium is used in skin care products for its anti-aging and antiviral properties India
Purified Water Keeps the product shelf stable for at least 12 months. Australia


Pump into hands either wet or dry and rub to make a rich lather. Rinse off for clean hands that feel great and smell fantastic naturally!

In stock


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