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Garlic, ready whenever you are. No peeling, no chopping, crushing or smashing. This handy kitchen friend is 100% dehydrated garlic, full flavoured and fabulously easy to use. 1 tea spoon equals 2 cloves, just add to whatever you’re cooking up for fast garlic flavour.

It will rehydrate in moisture, like a soup, hearty stew or even when you’re sauteing onions or mushies. To turn it into little fleshy garlic pieces, just add your desired amount (1 teaspoon equals about 2 cloves) to warm water in a glass or cup, steep for 3 mins and voila, garlic ready to add to pizza bases, butter or just about anything.



Tuscan Garlic Salt, Chilli Garlic Salt, Garlic Granules, Rosemary Garlic Salt, Just Garlic Salt, Lemon Garlic Salt


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